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The Power of Fire and the latest Warcraft III Patches (Upcoming Release 1.0)

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There has been a number of patches for Warcraft III by Blizzard. While I am thankful that the game is still being maintained, the patches have broken some stuff of the modification The Power of Fire as well as tools like JassNewGenPack. For example, the custom .exe file which has been created with the tool MPQDraft  does not work on Windows 7 anymore. It did not work on Windows 8 and 10 before. Therefore, there has to be an alternative to provide the custom data of the modification.

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The Power of Fire Release 0.9

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Finally, I release version 0.9 of the modification The Power of Fire. It can be downloaded here.

Read the file’s description for detailed information: “Description” -> “Read more …”

Download and play it!

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I need your help!

Posted in technical with tags , , on 2016-04-20 by Baradé

I need your help to translate the modification “The Power of Fire” into English. If you have some basic German and English skills and know how to use Google Translate and to correct the translations a bit, you can help me translating the modification into English. Much is already translated but there is still much to do. This thread explains in German how to do it. If you are interested in much work we can even talk about the payment for your efforts.

Warcraft III CO-OP Let’s Play

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Check out our new German Let’s Play where we play the Warcraft III campaign together. The CO-OP version of the campaign is available on The Hive Workshop.

The Power of Fire release 0.3

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It is time to release version 0.3 of The Power of Fire. The executable as well as both maps Talras and Arena have been updated.

Most of the planned changes have been made. The new main quest with a big final siege battle has been implemented. The game can again be played through now. There is some video sequences missing but the battle works perfectly.

Abilities of items are hidden now when the bag is open. Many many minor updates have been made such as: player color for items, sounds and floating texts for talking NPCs, many new spells, many new sounds for NPCs, more balanced Orcs and Dark Elves in the beginning, the main quests have been improved, quest areas are used now for all main quests, improved many video sequences, fixed multiboard and enabled it by default etc. etc.

Actually it is far too much to list it all. You can check it out here in detail. There have been many bug fixes as well.

Please test the latest version and give me feedback.

Arena: Let’s fight!

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Hi there,

to test the different classes and their spells I’ve created a small arena map for The Power of Fire. It allows you to play with up to 12 players in an everyone vs everyone mode.

You get some gold from time to time and the last hit kills are counted in a leaderboard. There’s a safety area where you will be revived after 5 seconds and which has the shops from the actual RPG map “Talras” so you can buy items.

Besides some random creeps will be spawned all 2 minutes.

It took me only several hours to create a new map based on all the systems and classes of The Power of Fire since the systems are designed modular with more maps in mind. It’s a nice and simple example of how you could add another chapter to the modification.

Of course the map requires the custom EXE file. Download the map here and the EXE file here if you want to play it.

Arena1 Arena3Arena2


The Power of Fire

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Hi there,

it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about the progress of my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne modification “The Power of Fire”. Now it is time to unleash some more screenshots!

Many things got improved and simplified to finally get a playable version done. What’s missing at the moment are still some bug fixes, some class spells, many items which have to be dropped by the creeps and terrain improvements.

There is a thread on the big Warcraft III modding website The Hive Workshops now although the mod is not translated into English yet:

In this thread you can read how to download and test the mod yourself already since it is all Open Source!

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