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wc3lib: old projects, new website

Posted in technical with tags , , , , on 2012-07-25 by Baradé

Although I had not much time for continuing the work on wc3lib – mainly because of the complicated TriggerData.txt file support which should be realized using Boost Spirit – I’ve released some more source code and other stuff in my project on which is related to wc3lib:

  • warblender – modified version of the original Blender import/export plugin for MDX files which should be more compatible to Blender 2.4
  • syntaxhighlightings – modified and newly created syntax highlighting files for Kate, gedit and Notepad++
  • vjassdoc – Doxygen-like tool for JASS and vJass (generates HTML API documentation based on special comments in your code)
  • vjasstrans – gettext-like tool for JASS and vJass (internationalization tool for generating .wts string files and translating your map into other language)
  • vjasside – obsolete, unfinished Qt-based IDE for vJass

Aside from vjasside and warblender all projects are still used by me for “Die Macht des Feuers”. warblender could be one of the most important tools if its development state was much further than it actually is.

Besides I’ve purchased the domain to provide some project information at a central place.

Would be great to see some volunteer developers who might contribute to some of the projects (especially warblender).