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The Power of Fire and the latest Warcraft III Patches (Upcoming Release 1.0)

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There has been a number of patches for Warcraft III by Blizzard. While I am thankful that the game is still being maintained, the patches have broken some stuff of the modification The Power of Fire as well as tools like JassNewGenPack. For example, the custom .exe file which has been created with the tool MPQDraft  does not work on Windows 7 anymore. It did not work on Windows 8 and 10 before. Therefore, there has to be an alternative to provide the custom data of the modification.

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English Let’s Play of The Power of Fire 0.9

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Hi there! I’ve started a new Let’s Play of The Power of Fire 0.9 but this time in English! Watch it here:

The Power of Fire Release 0.9

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Finally, I release version 0.9 of the modification The Power of Fire. It can be downloaded here.

Read the file’s description for detailed information: “Description” -> “Read more …”

Download and play it!

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English Translation of The Power of Fire

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For years I’ve been working on the English translation of the modification. Not really focusing on finishing it but now I am on the run for ending the pain. Finally I have translated ALL dialogues into English (mainly with the help of Google Translated). Probably far more than 1000 paragraphs had to be translated for NPC dialogues and transmissions in videos.

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Trigger Editor support for The Power of Fire

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Have you never been a fan of the scripting language vJass or even JASS? Do you think it is too complicated and would you rather stick to the Trigger Editor of the World Editor? If so, I have good news for you since The Power of Fire supports now the Warcraft III’s Trigger Editor.

You can create GUI triggers, add events, conditions and actions, define your own global variables and assign them using the functions of The Power of Fire! This makes it much easier for people who are no programmers to create maps for the modification. Besides you can select game objects such as units, sounds, cameras or rects directly in the editor which is much easier  than using vJass and copying the variable names.

Creating a talk with an NPC using the Trigger Editor.

Creating a daily NPC routine using the Trigger Editor.

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New Images of Version 0.9

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Version 0.9 will contain new maps which the player can travel to with his character. The first map is a village called “Dornheim” where the characters start their journey. It contains new features like buildings which can be entered. Besides some of the characters background stories is explained.

Another map is the North where Wigberht and Ricman come from. You can travel there to fight Orcs in the cold mountains and to collect resources like iron or gold. It is the first snow map which has been added to the modification. New creatures and models have been added as well. The maps do also contain many animals like pigs, cows, chickens etc. which can be used for certain spells.

A new profession has been added called “Demonology”. The character can sacrifice animals or humans to collect their souls. The souls can be used for demonic rituals.

Bear in mind that traveling through multiple maps is only possible in singleplayer. Theoretically it could be possible in multiplayer when synchronizing the savegames, the gamecache and automatically rehosting a game. But there is no such tool yet. Maybe one day somebody will use the code of a hosting bot and a tool like SharpCraft to synchronize savegames or rehosting data via HTTP.

Testing Prerelease 0.9 and working on Release 0.9

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There is a new German Let’s Play on our YouTube channel “Klimaanlage” (air-conditioning) where a friend of mine and myself are doing Let’s Plays of various games.

I am playing the prerelease 0.9 campaign of The Power of Fire and have already found some bugs. In this Let’s Play I use the class Dragon Slayer instead of Druid, to test and show another class.

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