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Advanced Script Library 1.3

Posted in technical with tags , , , , , , on 2011-11-21 by Baradé

On 12th September 2010 I released version 1.2. Since then I tried to spend more time for my other project wc3lib but finally went back to “Die Macht des Feuers” from time to time which relies on the ASL. Therefore I had to improve ASL 1.* tree. Actually, the planned 2.0 version got much improvement and revisions, as well but still based on the current vJass version supported by JassHelper which lacks of some heavily required features. Continue reading



Posted in technical with tags on 2010-06-19 by Baradé

Some months have passed since I wrote the recent and first article about my own scripting language JASS++.
By meantime, the language specification has become much improvement (old version 607 lines, current version on my local computer 2344 lines).
I’ve added things like templates, container types, AI blocks, preload blocks, local blocks, exception handling, declaration requirements, object type literals and those in strings, locking, function types and variables, lambda functions, enumerations, aliases, finally, friends, serialization and a standard library.
All in all the language has become bigger and harder to implement but also more logical.
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Posted in technical with tags , , on 2009-12-06 by Baradé

This weekend I continued reading Bison and Flex documentation and tutorials and added many improvements to my Jass, vJass and Zinc grammar files.
Since Vexorian still hasn’t released a new JassHelper version yet it’s hard to continue development of “Die Macht des Feuers” because I need some of the new features and the new “comment double imports” features is bugged and comments equal file names not file paths.
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