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The Power of Fire

Posted in historical with tags , on 2015-03-08 by Baradé

Hi there,

it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about the progress of my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne modification “The Power of Fire”. Now it is time to unleash some more screenshots!

Many things got improved and simplified to finally get a playable version done. What’s missing at the moment are still some bug fixes, some class spells, many items which have to be dropped by the creeps and terrain improvements.

There is a thread on the big Warcraft III modding website The Hive Workshops now although the mod is not translated into English yet:

In this thread you can read how to download and test the mod yourself already since it is all Open Source!

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Die Macht des Feuers Gameplay Trailer

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags on 2012-08-05 by Baradé

If YouTube version doesn’t work:
I’ve created a small video which shows you some gameplay of the current unfinished version of “Die Macht des Feuers”. As you’ll recognize, there is no fluent storytelling in this video. Dialogs take 5 seconds at most since they haven’t been dubbed yet. The music has mostly been placed as in the game itself. Actually, players should control human characters but I lost the corresponding model (which was from WoW) and so the current map can only be played with dwarves.

The map which is shown is called “Talras” (the name of the castle) and can be played with 6 different players at most.

There is some performance issues (mainly in the beginning and during some fights) since I used wine + recordmydesktop + a very high resolution on my Thinkpad which has an onboard graphics chip. The mod itself has no real performance issues despite its huge amount of custom systems.

Feel free to comment the video or this Blog article!

Advanced Script Library 1.3

Posted in technical with tags , , , , , , on 2011-11-21 by Baradé

On 12th September 2010 I released version 1.2. Since then I tried to spend more time for my other project wc3lib but finally went back to “Die Macht des Feuers” from time to time which relies on the ASL. Therefore I had to improve ASL 1.* tree. Actually, the planned 2.0 version got much improvement and revisions, as well but still based on the current vJass version supported by JassHelper which lacks of some heavily required features. Continue reading

ASL: Release of 1.2 and planning of 2.0

Posted in historical, technical with tags , , , on 2010-09-12 by Baradé

First entry in ASL’s ChangeLog was made on 2008-08-24. As you can see the ASL became 2 years old on 24th August this year.
Last release of the ASL was on 2009-12-20 (version 1.1) and first on 2009-11-07 (version 1.0). Since this has been a really long time ago I thought it would be necessary to create another release on its birthday.
Unfortunately I missed the 24th August because I had to solve some troubles with my hard disk but finally I’ve prepared and uploaded everything. Simply follow this link to download the current release version.
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Posted in graphical with tags on 2010-05-25 by Baradé

Maybe you’re familiar with the German project Neratia. If not just have a look at it.
It’s an old RPG modification which did already exist when I wasn’t able to use Warcraft’s GUI trigger editor yet!
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How to fix your map environment?

Posted in graphical, technical with tags on 2010-03-07 by Baradé

Since I’ve revised my custom tilesets of “Die Macht des Feuers” the environment of my first map “Talras” wasn’t displayed correctly by editor anymore.
There were only red textures left on the whole map because it still used the old tileset ids, so I started to create the new list of my new custom tileset ids.
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Releasing archives

Posted in graphical, technical with tags , on 2010-03-07 by Baradé

Today I’ve started uploading 7z archives of wc3sdk’s archives.
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