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Advanced Script Library 1.3

Posted in technical with tags , , , , , , on 2011-11-21 by Baradé

On 12th September 2010 I released version 1.2. Since then I tried to spend more time for my other project wc3lib but finally went back to “Die Macht des Feuers” from time to time which relies on the ASL. Therefore I had to improve ASL 1.* tree. Actually, the planned 2.0 version got much improvement and revisions, as well but still based on the current vJass version supported by JassHelper which lacks of some heavily required features. Continue reading


ASL: Release of 1.2 and planning of 2.0

Posted in historical, technical with tags , , , on 2010-09-12 by Baradé

First entry in ASL’s ChangeLog was made on 2008-08-24. As you can see the ASL became 2 years old on 24th August this year.
Last release of the ASL was on 2009-12-20 (version 1.1) and first on 2009-11-07 (version 1.0). Since this has been a really long time ago I thought it would be necessary to create another release on its birthday.
Unfortunately I missed the 24th August because I had to solve some troubles with my hard disk but finally I’ve prepared and uploaded everything. Simply follow this link to download the current release version.
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ASL: Better internationalization and foreach support

Posted in technical with tags on 2010-05-25 by Baradé

I’ve improved ASL’s internationalization support recently by being geared to C++ Boost libraries and its format library.
ASL does now contain struct type “AFormat” which allows you to add arguments to strings by using shortcut methods like “s” which means string or “r” which means real.
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Advanced Script Library 1.1

Posted in technical with tags on 2009-12-20 by Baradé

This morning I released version 1.1 of the “Advanced Script Library”. The new version brings many new features to users and of course there are many many bug fixes.
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vJass, Zinc, ASL and Die Macht des Feuers

Posted in technical with tags , , on 2009-10-24 by Baradé

As you can read in the JassHelper thread on JassHelper doesn’t only support vJass anymore. Zinc is the name of a second C-like scripting language which is in my opinion the better one if you’re new to JassHelper.
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Continuing DMdF Development

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , on 2009-08-13 by Baradé

Since I stayed at a friend who is interested in my project and helps me with design questions and the map terrain until last sunday, I continued working on “Die Macht des Feuers” and the ASL.
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Posted in technical with tags , on 2009-08-02 by Baradé

Since Blizzard has released a new patch (1.24) a while ago it was time for me to update the ASL core code.
The patch brings some new natives and is only available on the Westfall server.
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