wc3lib on GitHub and Port to Qt5 and Windows

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wc3lib is my project to support Blizzard’s file formats used in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

It provides interface to access BLP (texture), MPQ (data archive), W3M (map) files and others. Besides it offers GUI tools like a custom MPQ, Object or Trigger editor.

Recently I’ve ported the project from Qt4 to Qt5. I dropped all dependencies to KDE 4 SC/KF5 so even the GUI applications do not depend on KDE anymore. This should make it much easier to compile the wc3lib project on Windows. I tried so on Fedora using the MinGW cross compiler and cross-compiled binaries of the Boost C++ Libraries etc. which Fedora luckily does already provide. I’ve created a Windows setup. Check out the resource on Hive Workshop which I will update from time to time: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wc3lib.275380/

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Testing Prerelease 0.9 and working on Release 0.9

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There is a new German Let’s Play on our YouTube channel “Klimaanlage” (air-conditioning) where a friend of mine and myself are doing Let’s Plays of various games.

I am playing the prerelease 0.9 campaign of The Power of Fire and have already found some bugs. In this Let’s Play I use the class Dragon Slayer instead of Druid, to test and show another class.

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The Power of Fire Prerelease 0.9

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Version 0.9 is available here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-iii-the-power-of-fire/downloads/the-power-of-fire-prerelease-09


Please download and test it as much as possible. The critical Einar bug has been fixed and hopefully no more crashes will happen after joining a legion. Besides I fixed many many bugs of version 0.8 which I mainly found making my Let’s Play. Many new voice recordings for NPCs have been added to this release.

Please make as many different savegames as possible when you play the modification to make sure you don’t have to start from the beginning after a crash.

The final release will be uploaded when I am sure all critical bugs are fixed. I will also post a changelog with all changes then.

Unfortunately, in this prerelease the English translation of the object data is not implemented. I am working on a tool and merging the string files to fix this.

Working on version 0.9: A new map has been added

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After doing my German Let’s Play I made a list of bugs I have to fix for the next release. Currently I am already working on version 0.9 which will feature a new map by the Hiveworkshop user Heinvers. The map Gardonar’s Hell was also done by him. This time it is a swamp map defended by Undeads of Deranor the Terrible:

Deranor's Swamp

Deranor's Swamp 2

Our heroes will have to fight through hordes of Demons and Undeads to reach the town Holzbruck and continue their mission. For the map Holzbruck I am thinking about adding the choice to follow either the Human and High Elf faction or the Demon, Dark Elves, Undead and Orc faction. Most RPGs offer choosing a guild to give the player more choices. This would also give the player a reason to play the modification again. The only problem is the multiplayer here, since all players would have to vote for one faction together or you would have to play PvP.

Besides I am cutting the last episode of my German Let’s Play which features the Demon maps after the first chapter Talras. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like to, so you will get the latest Let’s Play videos and other videos about the modification. Btw. check out this amazing German Let’s Play of version 0.7.

The Power of Fire Release 0.8 + Let’s Play

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Finally the release of version 0.8 is online! The download can be found here. The download of the development version can be found here. Ignore the second link if you just want to play the modification.

The Let’s Play can be found here. I play the game in German since the NPC sounds are German and the English translation is not finished yet. New videos will follow probably today, so subscribe the channel!

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Singleplayer map transitions like in the Bonus Campaign for The Power of Fire and everything about the upcoming release 0.8

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Do you remember the Bonus Campaign with Rexxar from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne? This was Blizzard’s attempt to make a roleplaygame out of Warcraft. Leveling your hero, solving quests and changing locations. You could travel to a cave and help Goblins or to an Arena and always travel back to the main map. This allowed the campaign to use multiple maps with different tilesets and a world which could have had an unlimited size!

Bonus Campaign

Since The Power of Fire is primarily a multiplayer mod you cannot change the map when playing with friends. However, it provides a single player campaign and the upcoming release 0.8 will support those so called map transitions. After completing Chapter 1: Talras in singleplayer, you can travel to another map and again another map and always travel back to the map Talras. Two new maps will be added where you can fight different enemies and see completely different locations.

Traveling back is no problem at all and all your attributes and resources will be stored and restored in every map.

The new maps continue the story from a different point of view. You will see some Demon locations and the enemy behind the invasion. Thanks to the user Heinvers from Hive Workshop for creating the terrain of the second Demon map:

Gardonar's Hell

Gardonar's Palace

For a later version I plan to finally add Chapter 3: Holzbruck, the actual destionation of our characters from Talras:


Besides release 0.8 will include many more updates:

  • The Druid is allowed to use his normal class spells when transformed into an animal (Bear and Crow).
  • Many Druid spells got fixed and improved.
  • The Druid’s bear form can swim now.
  • The Druid’s ultimate forest castle can move and fight now.
  • The Necromancer finally gets his missing ultimate 1 spell.
  • The Knight finally gets his missing spell.
  • The Ranger gets his missing ultimate spell as well.
  • Class attributes are more balanced (class Knight was much weaker and the attributes per level were not equally fair).
  • Tree transparency works everywhere where the player focuses his view, not only for specific units.
  • Custom music is used.
  • Deranor’s dungeon is finished.
  • Ricman’s spells work and can be learned by everyone now.
  • Arena opponents are shown next to the arena now.
  • Fixed inventory while riding a sheep.
  • More video sequences of the main plot are implemented and improved. Therefore the story telling in the map Talras is complete now.
  • Auto skill is done when repicking the class in the Arena map. The player does not have to reskill everything which would take too much time.
  • Fixed moving computer players in Arena map.
  • New loading screens for all maps.
  • Much more dialogues are translated into English.
  • Much more dialogues of NPCs have sound recordings.
  • Fixed and added daily routines of NPCs.
  • More balanced prices for items.
  • Many spells are more balanced and have graphical effects and sound effects now.
  • You can have multiple wifes and children when constructing a home.
  • Many many bugfixes.

Hopefully, I can focus more on the English translation and sound recordings for Talras now. I will probably record the main character myself if I can’t find anyone. Since the balancing of items and classes is important for all maps, this will also get more and more improvements over the time. But I’d like to concentrate on the other chapters now. Talras has its own big story and I will cetrainly fix all bugs in this map, too but since it got around 52 quests, 31 NPCs with dialogues and 30 video sequences there is not much to add.

The modular system allowed me already to easily create the Arena map and the initial creation of chapter 2 and chapter 2.1 was no problem at all. It is time to continue the journey of our characters and to see the other side of the war: The Dark Elves, Orcs, Undead and Demons. It would be great if players could choose which faction they want to follow when playing the singleplayer campaign.

Another thing which helps promoting this mod is a good Let’s Play. The singleplayer campaign should allow you to play it on yourself and to save your state at the end of every Let’s Play video. Maybe I will get time for this, too and start some singleplayer Let’s Play.

I need your help!

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I need your help to translate the modification “The Power of Fire” into English. If you have some basic German and English skills and know how to use Google Translate and to correct the translations a bit, you can help me translating the modification into English. Much is already translated but there is still much to do. This thread explains in German how to do it. If you are interested in much work we can even talk about the payment for your efforts.