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English Let’s Play of The Power of Fire 0.9

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , , on 2017-04-24 by Baradé

Hi there! I’ve started a new Let’s Play of The Power of Fire 0.9 but this time in English! Watch it here:


The Power of Fire Release 0.9

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , , , on 2017-03-13 by Baradé

Finally, I release version 0.9 of the modification The Power of Fire. It can be downloaded here.

Read the file’s description for detailed information: “Description” -> “Read more …”

Download and play it!

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New Images of Version 0.9

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , , on 2016-11-13 by Baradé

Version 0.9 will contain new maps which the player can travel to with his character. The first map is a village called “Dornheim” where the characters start their journey. It contains new features like buildings which can be entered. Besides some of the characters background stories is explained.

Another map is the North where Wigberht and Ricman come from. You can travel there to fight Orcs in the cold mountains and to collect resources like iron or gold. It is the first snow map which has been added to the modification. New creatures and models have been added as well. The maps do also contain many animals like pigs, cows, chickens etc. which can be used for certain spells.

A new profession has been added called “Demonology”. The character can sacrifice animals or humans to collect their souls. The souls can be used for demonic rituals.

Bear in mind that traveling through multiple maps is only possible in singleplayer. Theoretically it could be possible in multiplayer when synchronizing the savegames, the gamecache and automatically rehosting a game. But there is no such tool yet. Maybe one day somebody will use the code of a hosting bot and a tool like SharpCraft to synchronize savegames or rehosting data via HTTP.

The Power of Fire Prerelease 0.9

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , , on 2016-10-20 by Baradé

Version 0.9 is available here:


Please download and test it as much as possible. The critical Einar bug has been fixed and hopefully no more crashes will happen after joining a legion. Besides I fixed many many bugs of version 0.8 which I mainly found making my Let’s Play. Many new voice recordings for NPCs have been added to this release.

Please make as many different savegames as possible when you play the modification to make sure you don’t have to start from the beginning after a crash.

The final release will be uploaded when I am sure all critical bugs are fixed. I will also post a changelog with all changes then.

Unfortunately, in this prerelease the English translation of the object data is not implemented. I am working on a tool and merging the string files to fix this.

The Power of Fire Release 0.8 + Let’s Play

Posted in graphical, historical, technical with tags , , on 2016-08-27 by Baradé

Finally the release of version 0.8 is online! The download can be found here. The download of the development version can be found here. Ignore the second link if you just want to play the modification.

The Let’s Play can be found here. I play the game in German since the NPC sounds are German and the English translation is not finished yet. New videos will follow probably today, so subscribe the channel!

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The Power of Fire: Upcoming Release

Posted in historical with tags on 2016-03-02 by Baradé

First of all check out the new entry in the moddb for The Power of Fire where you can download the modification as well.

Currently I am working on release 0.7 which will bring some new stuff and improvements:

  • Finally all video sequences of the main plot.
  • New sound recordings for NPCs: Björn, Trommon, Einar and Kuno
  • Fixed and improved NPC daily routines.
  • Improved spells (buffs, sounds, effects).
  • New ultimate spell for class Ranger.
  • New spell for class Elemental Mage based on the Panda’s ultimate spell.
  • Fixed gold amount you receive for selling items.
  • Show conversations as texttags instead of transmissions which would overlap with the chat messages.
  • Many many bug fixes.
  • Savecodes include equipped items.

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New videos

Posted in historical on 2015-06-21 by Baradé

Hi there,

watch the new videos of The Power of Fire: and give some feedback!