About The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire is one of the biggest German modifications of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is a total conversion of the original game altering the gameplay to a real roleplay game. It is heavily influenced by the popular German computer game series Gothic but combines the linear storytelling with a hack & slay gameplay influenced by the Diablo game series and Warcraft itself.

It allows you to play with six human players together in multiplayer but also features a singleplayer campaign where you can travel between maps.


  • No file size limit: Unlimited model, texture and sound resources.
  • Multiplayer: up to 6 players
  • Real Texture models
  • Huge world: the playable size of the first map is 234×197
  • Map transitions in single player: You can go to another map and back like in the Bonus Campaign
  • Backpack and equipment systems (6 equipment slots, 4 * 30 backpack slots)
  • Professions: Hunter, Alchemist, Smith, Sorcerer
  • Respawning creeps
  • Respawning items
  • Distributed item drops, bounty and XP – prevents characters from becoming much stronger than others
  • RPG camera system
  • NPC fellows who can be controlled by all players
  • Riding sheeps and horses
  • Custom bases per player which allow collecting gold
  • Voice acted conversations with NPCs with multiple choice dialogues
  • Daily routines of NPCs
  • Shrines with revival points
  • More than 30 quests for each player in the first chapter
  • 9 main quests for all players in the first chapter
  • 30 NPCs with custom dialogs in the first chapter
  • More than 10 video sequences in the first chapter
  • Maximum level is 10000
  • Custom skill system: Multiple skill points from start and per level
  • Custom spells
  • 8 different classes
  • 15 different spells per class (1 default, 2 ultimates and 12 spells with 5 different levels) = 120 different spells
  • Linear story
  • PvP: Arena map and AOS area
  • Dungeons with bosses
  • Voice recordings for dialogues and unit soundsets
  • Multiple Languages: German, English (in progress)
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