The Power of Fire Release 0.9

Finally, I release version 0.9 of the modification The Power of Fire. It can be downloaded here.

Read the file’s description for detailed information: “Description” -> “Read more …”

Download and play it!

Countless bugs have been fixed, changes have been made and hours have been wasted testing this version. Yet, it is still an alpha version, so make as many different savegames as possible. Use one of the custom campaigns (German or English) to play it in the singleplayer mode. You can travel between maps as you like to. Many new maps have been added which are not finished yet but can already be entered. Enjoy the new locations! One of the most important feature of this release is the amount of new English translations. All dialogues have been translated as well as some of the toolips (all learning tooltips for spells). This helps non-German speakers to play this modification. Note that all other maps than Talras have also been translated into English. For example, you can play the Arena map versus other players on the to test the different classes.


I will try to fix as many bugs and translate as many texts into English for the final release of version 1.0. Any help is welcome!

I do also highly recommend the new German Let’s Play of version 0.8 (the previous release, not this one!) by MarlornLP:


I hope you have some fun with the modification and give me feedback or report bugs to me, so I can improve it all.

And don’t forget to loot items!




One Response to “The Power of Fire Release 0.9”

  1. Fangirl Says:

    yeah! Finally!

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