English Translation of The Power of Fire

For years I’ve been working on the English translation of the modification. Not really focusing on finishing it but now I am on the run for ending the pain. Finally I have translated ALL dialogues into English (mainly with the help of Google Translated). Probably far more than 1000 paragraphs had to be translated for NPC dialogues and transmissions in videos.

All tr(“”) calls in vJASS had to be replaced by tre(“German text”, “English text”) calls. The tr function looks like this:

function tre takes string german, string english returns string
if (GetLanguage() == “German”) then
return german

return english


GetLanguage() is a function from the ASL which checks for the name of ‘hfoo’ (footman) and compares it to the German “Soldat” to get the language.

The object data is the next big step in the translation process. 8293 translations are currently missing in the war3map.wts file of Talras (the main map). Most of this data is shared between all maps since they use the same object data. The tool wc3trans of the wc3lib is used to update not only same strings with the used translation for one of them but also to share the translations in different war3map.wts files. wc3trans can be used with the option –update to add new entries to the output file and to remove unused ones. Besides –conflicts shows when different translations were used for the same source string.

Checkout the file which has to be translated to make the modification playable in English:


The campaign has to be copied as well to translate the description but otherwise that’s it! When the Talras file is translated and shared between other maps, the modification is completely English!


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