Trigger Editor support for The Power of Fire

Have you never been a fan of the scripting language vJass or even JASS? Do you think it is too complicated and would you rather stick to the Trigger Editor of the World Editor? If so, I have good news for you since The Power of Fire supports now the Warcraft III’s Trigger Editor.

You can create GUI triggers, add events, conditions and actions, define your own global variables and assign them using the functions of The Power of Fire! This makes it much easier for people who are no programmers to create maps for the modification. Besides you can select game objects such as units, sounds, cameras or rects directly in the editor which is much easier  than using vJass and copying the variable names.

Creating a talk with an NPC using the Trigger Editor.

Creating a daily NPC routine using the Trigger Editor.

You can use the custom types of The Power of Fire such as Revival Shrines, Creep Spawn Points, Quest Areas, Map Zones, Talks, NPC Routines etc. to create your own map for the modification. It will automatically have all the systems and can be integrated into the campaign or used as multiplayer map. All you have to do are the following steps:

  • Download the latest Source Code package of The Power of Fire (coming soon) or check out the source code of the ASL and The Power of Fire manually using GIT.
  • Download and use the JassNewGenPack.
  • Add the following lines to the section “[lookupfolders]” of the file “jasshelper.conf” of the JassNewGenPack (Replace the paths by your own ones):
    • “E:\Warcraft III\ASL\src”
    • “E:\Warcraft III\The Power of Fire\src”
  • Start the JassNewGenPack World Editor loading the MPQ archive “TPoF.mpq”. You just have to add the following line to the bottom of the file “loadmpq.lua” of the JassNewGenPack (Replace the path by your Warcraft III installation path): loadmpq(15, “E:\\Warcraft III\\TPoF.mpq”)
  • Add the following statement to the custom map script: //! import “TriggerData/TPoF.j”
  • Import the Object Data from The Power of Fire into your map. The map “The Power of Fire/maps/Karte 1 – Talras.w3x” contains this object data. You can find the file in the GIT repository as well:
  • Make sure the JassHelper is enabled.

Now you can easily use the new trigger functions.  For every other map you just have to add the //! import statement from above to the custom map script:

Custom map script with the import statement.

Custom map script with the import statement.

Just add the event “Map Start Event” to an initialzation trigger and call all the initializations:

Initialization trigger of the map.

Initialization trigger of the map.

Since I myself started with GUI triggers back then when Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne has been released in 2003, I know that it is hard for many people to learn JASS or even vJass. Many people have never used any programming language before, so understanding how triggers work is much easier for them than understanding functions, local variables, loops or even object oriented programming with vJass. Check out this basic trigger tutorial if you want to know more about Warcraft III triggers and how to use the Trigger Editor.

In the past there have already been additions to the GUI trigger functions such as WE Unlimited.

The first map which will be purely based on GUI Triggers rather than vJass code, will be “The North”. All talks, spawn points, video sequences and quests will be created using GUI triggers only. This will help me to improve the GUI trigger API.

To add the trigger functions of The Power of Fire, I’ve added custom “TriggerData.txt” and “TriggerString.txt” files. My tool “wc3converter” of my project wc3lib is then used with the option “–merge” to merge those two files with the two original files from the MPQ archive War3Patch.mpq of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (the files are in the directory “UI”). Therefore all standard functions are still available.


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