wc3lib on GitHub and Port to Qt5 and Windows

wc3lib is my project to support Blizzard’s file formats used in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

It provides interface to access BLP (texture), MPQ (data archive), W3M (map) files and others. Besides it offers GUI tools like a custom MPQ, Object or Trigger editor.

Recently I’ve ported the project from Qt4 to Qt5. I dropped all dependencies to KDE 4 SC/KF5 so even the GUI applications do not depend on KDE anymore. This should make it much easier to compile the wc3lib project on Windows. I tried so on Fedora using the MinGW cross compiler and cross-compiled binaries of the Boost C++ Libraries etc. which Fedora luckily does already provide. I’ve created a Windows setup. Check out the resource on Hive Workshop which I will update from time to time: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wc3lib.275380/

At the moment I still get missing library errors when running some binaries. The Windows version misses the GUI programs with Qt but already offers the console applications like the program “mpq”.

If you are using Windows feel free to try to compile the wc3lib but please disable the CMake options JASS and MDLX as well as USE_KIOSLAVE and USE_OGREBLP. This removes dependencies to KF5 and OGRE and reduces the compile time but still offers you the main GUI tools using Qt5. You could try the QtCreator but you will need binaries of the Boost C++ Libraries, a jpeg library, a BZip2 and ZLIB library and maybe some other libraries. I’ve replaced some gettext functions for the moment but maybe you still need some libraries here. Feel free to contact me when getting errors.

If you don’t want any GUI application, just disable the CMake option EDITOR.

Since I am not a big fan of Windows and do always develop on a Linux system, I have no Visual Studio or other IDE with compiler which I could use to provide Windows binaries. Since CMake supports generating Visual Studio project files, you could try to generate them if you have a Visual Studio program and import the project to compile it.

Check out the source code changes here or on GitHub and feel free to open issues.


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