Testing Prerelease 0.9 and working on Release 0.9

There is a new German Let’s Play on our YouTube channel “Klimaanlage” (air-conditioning) where a friend of mine and myself are doing Let’s Plays of various games.

I am playing the prerelease 0.9 campaign of The Power of Fire and have already found some bugs. In this Let’s Play I use the class Dragon Slayer instead of Druid, to test and show another class.

Here is a list of bugs I’ve already found:

  • All weapons deal 20 damage instead of their actual value.
  • The druid summons Misha instead of a Treefolk.
  • The 3rd person camera moves up and down during talks.
  • I had a bug in the second episode near the end (which caused a crash when saving). I am still not sure why it happened. The Dragon Slayer was not revived automatically and the level up gave me no skill points. I couldn’t save the game anymore after that and had to start again.
  • Ricman’s “Fette Beute” has the same ID as “Pferd reiten” (Mount a Horse). Therefore I could not learn Mount a Horse anymore after buying “Fette Beute” from Ricman.
  • “Überlegenheit” and “Bestehlen” (Steal) have the same casting ID.
  • Some Dragon Slayer spells do not work properly, for example “Sprungattacke” (Jump Attack) has no cooldown.
  • Some information about the “-menu” command, options and professions has old entries (Book of Hunting is not mentioned).

This is a list of bugs still present in prerelease 0.9 which I’ve already been aware of but couldn’t fix in time:

  • The zoom bug during video sequences. The camera zooms slowly towards its target. Hopefully I can fix this with StopCamera().  See this thread for more information.
  • Skeletons are not limited for the Necromancer to 6.
  • The icons have different positions after loading a game.
  • Many minor quest bugs or map transition errors which occured only once have not all been checked while testing the prerelease.
  • Some terrain is still unfinished.

Now I am working on the actual release 0.9. It will bring much more fixes and a new prolog map called “Dornheim” where our characters start.

This map has been designed by the Hiveworkshop user PrinceYaser and it will start the adventure for our characters. It also features the first map transition during the campaign when our character has to move to the map Talras. The map will explain some basic gameplay mechanics like the prolog with Thrall did for Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. This is necessary since many players did not get all controls immediately, for example how the inventory or the grimoire works. The map will provide some basic quests and a narrator or hints which explain the mechanics step by step.



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