Working on version 0.9: A new map has been added

After doing my German Let’s Play I made a list of bugs I have to fix for the next release. Currently I am already working on version 0.9 which will feature a new map by the Hiveworkshop user Heinvers. The map Gardonar’s Hell was also done by him. This time it is a swamp map defended by Undeads of Deranor the Terrible:

Deranor's Swamp

Deranor's Swamp 2

Our heroes will have to fight through hordes of Demons and Undeads to reach the town Holzbruck and continue their mission. For the map Holzbruck I am thinking about adding the choice to follow either the Human and High Elf faction or the Demon, Dark Elves, Undead and Orc faction. Most RPGs offer choosing a guild to give the player more choices. This would also give the player a reason to play the modification again. The only problem is the multiplayer here, since all players would have to vote for one faction together or you would have to play PvP.

Besides I am cutting the last episode of my German Let’s Play which features the Demon maps after the first chapter Talras. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like to, so you will get the latest Let’s Play videos and other videos about the modification. Btw. check out this amazing German Let’s Play of version 0.7.


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