The Power of Fire Release 0.8 + Let’s Play

Finally the release of version 0.8 is online! The download can be found here. The download of the development version can be found here. Ignore the second link if you just want to play the modification.

The Let’s Play can be found here. I play the game in German since the NPC sounds are German and the English translation is not finished yet. New videos will follow probably today, so subscribe the channel!

The new release includes everything alread mentioned here. Besides the maximum hero level has been increased to 10000 except for the arena map. This allows you to level higher after completing the storyline. A new class spell has been added to all classes: Attribute Bonus. It has 100 levels and increases all three atributes by 3 per level. This allows you to skill even when your character has reached level 30 already.

The map transitions work and you can play two new maps after finishing the storyline and go back to the first map.

For minor bugs I will create a patch for the maps with version 0.8 or directly work on version 0.9.


One Response to “The Power of Fire Release 0.8 + Let’s Play”

  1. Wow, i will def. play that with my brother + go for reddit/r/wc3!

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