The Power of Fire Release 0.7

Finally I release version 0.7 of The Power of Fire. Use the following link to download it (433 MiBytes):

Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • Improved video sequences of the main plot, and added missing conversations.
  • Fixed selling items (fixed the amount of gold).
  • All spells have hotkeys now.
  • Show conversations as texttags instead of transmissions.
  • Savecodes include equipped items.
  • New sound recordings for NPCs: Manfred, Bj√∂rn, Trommon, Einar, Kuno and Tobias.
  • Added a learning ability for every class spell which says “Learn Spell XY” and therefore fixed the shown level in the grimoire.
  • Improved spells: Added sounds, buffs and special effects.
  • New ultimate spell for class Ranger
  • New spell for class Elemental Mage based on Panda’s ultimate spell.
  • Changed main menu model and music.
  • Added many many English translations.
  • New AHashTable API makes the game faster since there are less StringHash() calls.
  • Added shop markers.
  • Removed tavern.
  • Fixed returning Orcs in quest The Norsemen.
  • Added Dungeon views.
  • Added commands “-kick”, “-admin” and “-unlock”.
  • Added button for skipping sentences in conversations.
  • Added many conversation daily routines.
  • Spells from map Talras can be used in every map now.
  • Improved terrain in Deranor’s dungeon.
  • Many bug fixes.

If you rely on the current English translation you can also use the older release 0.6 ( since some tooltips still have to be retranslated into English. Of course you would have to play without all the changed and improvements. I really need some time or help for the English translations because there is a huge amount of texts which have to be translated (~1500 alone in the source code and at least 10000 for tooltips).

Besides note that in the Drum Cave some cliffs have been removed for a better sight. Currently they cant be fully removed since there is a bug in the map with the terrain. This will be fixed in a later version.


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