The Power of Fire: Upcoming Release

First of all check out the new entry in the moddb for The Power of Fire where you can download the modification as well.

Currently I am working on release 0.7 which will bring some new stuff and improvements:

  • Finally all video sequences of the main plot.
  • New sound recordings for NPCs: Björn, Trommon, Einar and Kuno
  • Fixed and improved NPC daily routines.
  • Improved spells (buffs, sounds, effects).
  • New ultimate spell for class Ranger.
  • New spell for class Elemental Mage based on the Panda’s ultimate spell.
  • Fixed gold amount you receive for selling items.
  • Show conversations as texttags instead of transmissions which would overlap with the chat messages.
  • Many many bug fixes.
  • Savecodes include equipped items.

The campaign version finally allows you to change maps like in the Bonus Campaign. The upcoming new chapters take you to a big Dungeon of an unknown demon lord and of course to the town Holzbruck where you have to get further recruitments and help the town to defend itself.

Gardonars Dungeon



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