World of Warcraft The Second Rebirth Release 1.0

Check out my German map World of Warcraft The Second Rebirth.

Do you remember the RPG map World of Warcraft Reborn by DeMoNiKuS? I’ve played this map many times with a friend of mine and finally I came to the conclusion that some things could be improved.

Unfortunately the map has been protected so I had to recreate the triggers. My version is German only and adds many many features to the map. Some of them are listed below:

  • Increased maximum hero level and hero ability levels
  • Added backpack system
  • Added “-repick” command
  • Fixed some bugs with quests
  • German translation
  • Added latest neutral heroes of Frozen Throne as classes
  • Creeps respawn again after buildings near them have been destroyed
  • 12 players instead of 10
  • All heroes have the ability attributes bonus up to level 1000
  • Alliances and resource trades do not require custom chat commands anymore
  • Unprotected (checkout the GIT repository)

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