The Power of Fire Release 0.5

It is time to release version 0.5 (ca. 360 MiBytes). This time it comes with a complete installation setup. You have to download and run it and then select your Warcraft III directory as destination folder.

The setup will install the custom .exe file and the maps into your Warcraft III directory.

When you run “The Power of Fire.exe” after the installation you can start a custom game in singleplayer or multiplayer and select one of the maps in the sub folder “The Power of Fire”. The German versions of the maps are in the subfolder “de” and the English versions in the subfolder “en”.

There is also an uninstall .exe file called “UninstallThePowerOfFire.exe” in the Warcraft III directory which uninstalls the modification completely (of course no savegames).

The ChangeLog would be quite large. The major changes are:

  • More voice recordings for NPCs
  • Much more English translations
  • Shops are marked with a floating item now
  • Less raining, added lightning bolt effect
  • Rotated buckler models
  • Added hotkeys for Cleric spells
  • Grimoire does not automatically open on a level up anymore
  • Fixed fighting animations of the character especially for bows
  • Fixed construction of a base
  • Added possibility to collect gold from a base
  • Improved spell tooltips, added much more spell descriptions for all levels
  • Units entering the arena are stopped to prevent them from walking out and when leaving the arena they won’t attack other units anymore
  • Fixed spell and item icons and added disabled and passive versions
  • Fixed many many quests, items and spells

For version 0.6 some more changes are planned:

  • Adding final spells of classes (Knight, Dragon Slayer and Ranger)
  • Hotkeys for all class spells
  • Allow to use the backpack when the character is transformed
  • Maybe: Allow repicking the class during the game
  • Maybe: Adding an initial save/load system
  • And of course: Much more English translations

If you want to help me with the German -> English translation feel free to contact me:

I would be happy if you’d try the modification and leave some comment.


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