Collecting and Crafting Items

Hi there,

many Role Play Game features have been added to the modification The Power of Fire. One of them which has been added recently is collecting items from the ground. As you might know from other Role Play Games such as Skyrim or Gothic, the player can collect herbals and raw materials from nature.

This is also possible in The Power of Fire now. A respawn system is used which detects whenever an item is collected from the ground that it has to respawn after some time. If you search in this file for “ItemSpawnPoint” you will get all item spawn points in the map Talras. For now it is mostly stuff like iron, herbals, fruits or bones. Some of these item types do already have an effect. Others are just pure raw material and can be used for crafting.

Crafting items is another feature many Role Play Games do support. It wasn’t available for a long time in The Power of Fire but now you can use the raw material or herbals to craft items. For crafting items you first have to buy a crafting book. At the moment there is three different books:

  • Book of Magic: Allows crafting scrolls
  • Book of Potions: Allows crafting potions
  • Book of Smith Craft: Allows crafting weapons

These books can be acquired at certain shops of specific NPCs. For example the Book of Smith Craft of course can be bought at Wieland’s shop since he is the smith of Talras. The books contain receipts or plans to craft different items. Each item type requires specific items as well as some mana. At the moment the books are not limited to any class. There’s already a quest of the NPC Einar where you have to craft some weapons.

It’s a bit tricky to balance crafting since it might become rather unfair if some player crafts too many items which also can be sold for gold. On the other hand it is a cooperative Role Play Game, so you might share your achievements. There’s also a problem with collecting items: The front running character will always collect all items from the ground. I am thinking about allowing to collect an item from the ground for each player once in a while. With this solution I would need a timer for each player which respawns an item for one player only after it has been picked up by that player.

What do you think about collecting and crafting items? Which professions could be added?


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