The Power of Fire release 0.4

There is a new release and it includes the first English version of the map Talras. The translations will be updated from time to time. If you start the modification and the map with a non-German version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne it will autodetect the English language and show English texts for dialogs and other ingame texts.

Here is the link to the download of the modification and its maps. Of course the Arena map has been updated as well.

The release brings many bug fixes and updates. Some of them are listed below:

  • English version of the map Talras.
  • Transparency of Doodads like trees: Whenever a character gets near them they will become transparent. This is very useful for seeing enemies during fights etc.
  • Added an item from the beginning which allows you to show the quest locations. This can help you to find the way through all the quests.
  • Added more creep spots to the map.
  • No more immediate starting videos, only highlighted quest areas where all characters have to meet before the video starts.
  • Healing and mana potions do not have shared cooldown and decreased the cooldown which is useful for battles.
  • Characters have full health and mana on revival again.
  • Special bag items in rucksack cannot be dropped anymore by mistake.
  • Fixed and improved crafting items: New potions and weapons.
  • Added abilities for starting talks and showing shops of NPCs.
  • XP is divided by the number of players.
  • Increase handicap of enemies when players are missing.
  • Einar has a new quest.
  • Improved the main story line and quests and fixed many bugs.
  • Fixed icon positions for many UIs.
  • Fixed spells for Dragon Slayer etc.

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