The Power of Fire release 0.2

Version 0.2 of The Power of Fire has been released. You can download the mod and the map here:

On 18th June 2015 we had a small multiplayer test of “The Power of Fire” which helped me to discover further bugs. The map version played then was 0.1. During the last week I’ve fixed numerous bugs. The video sequences and the inventory system work now. Besides some bugs with dialogues have been fixed and some of the NPCs already have voices.

We had another test on the 25th June 2015 which showed that the major bugs have been fixed and we finally could do the battle of the main quest.

For the upcoming version 0.3 the following fixes and features are planned:

  • Timer dialog at the class selection: Limit the time of class selection which helps if players are afk.
  • The UI is not disabled directly after the class selection, so you can leave the game now.
  • More sounds for NPC dialogues.
  • More quests for all players must be started by entering one area together. Otherwise it is kind of annoying for players in dialogues that suddenly there starts a video sequence.
  • Prevent players from helping other players in the arena.
  • Remove reward for PvP fights. Otherwise you can make a lot of gold by simply fighting each other.
  • Fellows should not be revived during video sequences.
  • Leaderboard may not be shown after a video sequence.
  • Some pathing and some terrain will be fixed.
  • Decrease collisions of some units.
  • Implement the main quest siege.
  • Add missing Ranger spells.
  • Improve some cinematics.
  • Dago gets another model.
  • Wigberht gets another model (complains since it is the Arthas model).

Some more changes which have to be made for the future are:

  • A custom combat animation system is required which sets the correct animations by index using the Villager255 model.
  • Dialogue texts and player chat do overlap -> requires another solution.
  • Quests must be pinged by selection. A chat command would be enough or something in the main menu.
  • The abilities of equipped items must be hidden.
  • Somehow show the skill points as hero ability points from Warcraft III.
  • Fix the scaling of many attached weapons.

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