The post on which introduces The Power of Fire dates back to 25th may 2008. Actually in 2007 we stopped working on a version of The Power of Fire of which the systems were based only on JASS not vJass. This video shows you the old version and its systems. Back then we wanted to create a custom interface, use a custom arrow key movement and fight system etc.

Then we stopped working but later decided to make a restart with the current version which is under development for many many years with many interruptions and months in which nothing had been done. The other main member Sardor is not active anymore since a long time ago and Deranor the terrainer who created most of the terrain of the current map does other things today as well.

I myself have been busy studying but from time to time was able to update things and finally to upload a playable version of this mod.

Actually the development of The Power of Fire started much earlier when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old and created my first Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos maps. From this point of view there have been 8th stages of The Power Fire. The current one is the 8th. First there were some Reign of Chaos maps, then I started making a The Frozen Throne campaign with Rexxar as main character. The campaign of course was similar to the Bonus Campaign but played in the The Power of Fire universe. Then I started working on multiple stages of the so called “The Online Game” which actually started as campaign and then become a custom EXE modification for the multiplayer like it is today. Although called “The Online Game” it simply played in the The Power of Fire universe. Here you can see some screenshots of stage 6. This was also the point were I started to create a map called “Talras” with a simple castle built by humans. Since I had found Born2Modificate’s realtexture models at that point I decided that the project must be of higher quality and that many of the systems were unnecessary for a Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne modification (like for example the arrow key movement and fight system). Besides I had learned JASS at this point and was able to write code. Finally I begun with stage 7 with high quality models only as well as JASS systems only. No more trigger GUIs were used at this point. Sardor joined the team and helped me to create various models which are still used today. Here you can find some screenshots of stage 7. The mod did also win two awards for best design and best RPG although no download was provided at that point. But then we lost interest and stopped working somehow. I learned vJass and decided to do another restart with a vJass code base which became the ASL Finally we restarted the project together on in 2008. Sardor rejoined the team and created further models. Deranor helped to create some more terrain of the map. Frotty, another user from did also help with some models. Then the “other big German RPG” project for Warcraft III called  Neratia by the user Corexx was finally stopped and xXm0rpH3usXx released another great pack of realtexture models for which I am really thankful since it is heavily used in The Power of Fire as well.

Now I am here with the current version hoping to get a final 1.0 release of The Power of Fire done.

The point of this Blog post is that I have uploaded some old stuff:

Here you can find not only the Reign of Chaos maps and the campaign with Rexxar but also a strategy map with the race of the Dark Elves which play a big role in The Power of Fire.

Besides I have uploaded a remake version of the well known map World of Warcraft Reborn and an old cinematic duel.

Btw. I have also been modding for other games like Gothic 2, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology, SuperTux (some levels 😀 ) and GTA San Andreas as well as its unofficial multiplayer.

Here you can find an old GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod I have created.


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