The Power of Fire

Hi there,

it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about the progress of my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne modification “The Power of Fire”. Now it is time to unleash some more screenshots!

Many things got improved and simplified to finally get a playable version done. What’s missing at the moment are still some bug fixes, some class spells, many items which have to be dropped by the creeps and terrain improvements.

There is a thread on the big Warcraft III modding website The Hive Workshops now although the mod is not translated into English yet:

In this thread you can read how to download and test the mod yourself already since it is all Open Source!


Let’s come to some content. Some new exciting quests have been added. One of them has something to do with dragons, the other one for example is about a dark cult and its leader. Some cinematics have been improved a lot and tell more about the story than before.

The druid, the cleric and the necromancer have seen the most improvements. All three are interesting classes and provide individual spells which make them unique. The cleric allows protecting, a bit of healing and a bit of slowing and damaging enemies or preventing their damage. The druid allows much more healing but also his transformation into a crow or a bear as well as damaging others. The necromancer of course summons a lot different creatures: a demon servant, an undead servant and multiple skeletons. He’s also capable of spawning his own corpses which makes him very dangerous. He is able to spawn a huge army if he has got enough corpses around.

Some new items have been added as well but I am concerned these are not enough for the different classes so I am going to improve this.

For the terrain someone on Hive did join the team and I hope it will improve a lot. It’s a really huge playable area: 234×197. The strange size comes from the long AOS and dungeon area. Right now I am a bit busy writing my thesis but in the future I hope I will get some multiplayer tests started. Note that this huge complex modification is hard to test until it really works as expected especially with 6 different human players!


Enough talking, finally here are the screenshots:

Class selection:


Intro cinematic:


Starting the game:


Rescuing the hunter Dago from two bears:


Fighting through the area:


Teleporting to a revival shrine reduces walking time:


Entering the castle Talras:


Some NPCs and locations on the map:


Some creep spots on the map:



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  1. Your biggest fan Says:

    This is amazing! I’m very impressed by this outstandig work.

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