Trigger Editor

Hi there,

as I wrote in the most recent article, I’ve been trying to use Boost Spirit to parse Warcraft’s .txt files. When I finally had fixed my parser (thanks to StackOverflow) I continued implementing classes for storing trigger data and trigger strings.

Since everything went well from there on, it’s a great pleasure to present you my first working results reimplementing a trigger editor:

trigger editor


trigger action

Although the GUI looks rather unpleasant at the moment, I am very proud the have some general functionality which makes use of my “map” module to show all triggers, trigger functions and variables.

At the moment I am concentrating on supporting Warcraft III only (not Frozen Throne)  but bear in mind that Frozen Throne adds only some minor features like comment triggers etc.


To decrease compile time and make the project modular modules have been divided up into sub targets/directories and can be loaded on request now. As all modules can run as standalone application I am able to start a trigger editor itself without any other modules.

Of course I have to load “TriggerData.txt” and “TriggerStrings.txt” manually if there’s no MPQ archive selected:

loading trigger data

Maybe the trigger editor isn’t the module which you really need to improve from its original version, but it’s still a great achievement on the way supporting the whole World Editor. It would be possible to create a trigger data editor as well which allows you to define your own trigger functions very easily.


If you have any ideas for functions which could improve the trigger editor, please leave a comment.




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