Project renamings

As project “vjasssdk” was initially intended for providing various tools to work with scripting languages vJass, JASS etc. it got its name “vjasssdk” which means vJass Software Development Kit.
Since I’ve changed and extended it later by adding tools like “wc3lib”, “mpqeditor” and there has always been my MPQ archives filled with models and textures the name became more and more misleading. Therefore I’ve changed it to “wc3sdk” which was the name of the “Advanced Script Library” and the archives before.

These two projects will be split up into two independent projects that there aren’t two projects called the same.
I’ve already changed the name on Unfortunately you can’t use the feature of changing your project’s name by moving its domain and folder names so the domain address will still be the same.
Besides it will take some time to change the SVN sub folder names since my Internet connection is very limited. Consider that there isn’t all archive files available in the SVN repository yet because of this reason.


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