Releasing archives

Today I’ve started uploading 7z archives of wc3sdk’s archives.

Unfortunately my Internet connection is very slow, so it may take a really long time until all archives are available on the vjasssdk project website.
There are six different archives:

  • Ambient
  • Asl
  • Creatures
  • Interface
  • Items
  • Spells

The archive “Asl” won’t be uploaded since it does only contain some unfinished trigger data files for using ASL functions in trigger editor.
Most of texture and model files do have German names. Only the newer ones have English names because when I started this project I decided to give all files German names but later I thought it would be much better to make it available to people from all nations.
Each directory which contains at least one file which is not a directory itself should contain a file called “Credits.txt”.
Those credits files contain all or most of file authors and sources where I downloaded them.
Some of the files were especially created for my project “Die Macht des Feuers” but most of them were downloaded (sometimes renamed and customized) by me from websites like, The Hive Workshop and \\XGM\\. Note that “Die Macht des Feuers” has its own additonal archive which contains stuff like game music, dialogue sounds and customized files like e. g. Terrain.slk and Water.slk. Besides you should consider how to use them as MPQ archives. At the moment I always create a completely new huge MPQ archive (or add the updated archive directories) since I’m not able to start Grimoire hacked Warcraft TFT and to load custom MPQ archives into game which would probably be the best way.
Primarily I was going to commit them all to my wc3sdk SVN repository (archives sub folder) but it’s unimaginable to upload all those files uncompressed (should have started with git :-/) with my current Internet connection speed.
I thank all people who created any of the files since without them I would be unable to make my modification “Die Macht des Feuers”.

Update (2010-07-26): This is a corresponding doodad file which can be used together with the Ambient archive.
It’s the same which is used for the project “Die Macht des Feuers” and contains 415 different doodads at the moment with default scale values fitting to the Warcraft 3 villager model scaled with value 1.20.


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