Some of you’ll probably have already heard of the tool “warblender” which allows you converting MDX files to blend files directly.
Unfortunately it seems that the development on warblender has stopped very early and you’re only able to import some basic properties of an MDX file (if you fix some parts of the code since it doesn’t seem to be written for Blender 2.49a which is currently installed on my Gentoo Linux system).

Actually, if you want to create MDLX files by using Blender you’ll have to convert it to an 3ds file and use an already existing converter tool.
Initially my idea was to provide blend files conversion with my wc3lib project by using tools like readblend and custom C++ classes.
This would allow you really fast conversions but is a lot of work since I’ll have to write and read blend data without its Python API and didn’t find any C++ or C API which is similar to the Python API (honestly I was surprised that something like readblend exists and there isn’t any direct Blender API).
It is certain that I will finish all those custom MDLX C++ classes because I want to provide an MDLX viewer tool one day.
However, I became more interested in fixing and extending warblender since it is much faster for me to do this instead of reading and implementing a lot for direct blend file conversion.
I’ve already began adding simple light and particle emitter support and I don’t think that there is still anyone who is interested in developing warblender. Nevertheless, I’ve already written an email to the warblender development list. Maybe one day some people will interested again in MDX and Blender. It would be great to have a better possibility using MDX files in Blender since Blender is a really great 3d graphics tool. Additionally there may be the fact that there can be some corrupted or missing data when converting 3ds to MDX (as I remember correctly, Sardor used 3ds Max when he worked on the project “Die Macht des Feuers”, too). I hope I can avoid this since formats are often much different and if you do not find any equal objects in Blender it is very hard to write a working conversion tool.
Btw. I’ve added my customized version of warblender to my wc3lib SVN repository.
And finally here is a simple screenshot of two imported models:


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