Intentions for putting some projects together

Just a litte web log entry after that one about the new ASL release.
I intend to put my tools vjasstrans and vjassdoc together with the wc3lib project since latter is growing up really fast and at the moment it’s a quite huge project for all those Blizzard formats.

Furthermore I intend to rewrite vjassdoc to a real compiler and parser application for Jass, vJass, Zinc and my custom unfinished language Jass++.
I’ve already added vjassdoc’s code files to the wc3lib in my SVN repository and it probably won’t take long until I’ve merged vjasstrans, too.
All in all the wc3lib will contain it’s sub libraries for Blizzard’s formats, their scripting language Jass, the custom scripting languages which need a precompiler, libraries for parsing wts and fdf files (of course they’re Blizzard formats, too but at the moment vjasstrans is my only program which is able to read and write them correctly) and some applications like converters and compilers which are based on those libraries.


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