Advanced Script Library 1.1

This morning I released version 1.1 of the “Advanced Script Library”. The new version brings many new features to users and of course there are many many bug fixes.

Unfortunately it seems that there is a “game crashing bug” when creating images for players in debug mode. At the moment I am not sure why the game crash occurs exactly and how to fix this annoying bug but I’ll probably get it over the next days and release another version or patch file.
If you’re interested in using the ASL for your project and you need some help (since the documentation isn’t really a beginner tutorial yet) you’re free to contact me and ask me everything you want to know since it always helps me to improve and to find bugs when people start using my code. I won’t go into detail in this blog entry since I’ve already written the file “ReleaseNotes” which summarizes most of the new features. So finally this is the download link and this is the link to my bug tracker which I honestly do not use often (just check out the “TODO” file to see my latest notes about bugs etc.).


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