vjassdoc version 0.3

Recently I released vjassdoc version 0.3. This version brings a lot of new features and improvements to the parsing and the database creation.

The class Parser has some new methods like “addDatabase” and “removeDatabase” which allows user to add or remove SQLite3 databases with parsed Jass or vJass objects.
The object id’s will be updated automatically when they’re added to the object lists.
Besides I’ve moved some class constructor code into methods like “parse” which allows you to parse files several times instead of creating a single “File” instance and deleting it after parsing its content.
The method “autoCompletion” of class “Parser” allows users to get a list with possible auto completed objects which originally was intended for being used in vjasside.
Most of vJass syntax features like hooks, keys and modules are supported now. Additionally you’re able to parse locals and parameters.
If you’re a developer maybe you’ll notice that there’s a new class called “Compiler”. This class was the first step replacing JassHelper’s job to compile Jass to vJass code.
The option –syntax allows you to enable a kind of syntax checker which lists all found errors in the end of the parsing process.
These two additions and the fact that there’s a new scripting language called Zinc assured me of moving to the GNU programs Flex and Bison to create grammar files for Jass, vJass and Zinc.
The famous Jass parser/syntax checker pjass does already use this method to get automatically created C parsing functions.
If you compare pjass to the vJass syntax checker which is used by JassHelper, you’ll recognize that pjass allows you to get much more than one syntax error. Besides vJass’s GoldParser is not cross platform, I think. So maybe one day I’ll have written a new vJass and Zinc to Jass compiler which unites parsing, syntax validation, auto completion API, database read- and writing and HTML documentation generation.
Note that this doesn’t mean that all written source code of vjassdoc is useless now. Only the parsing part of the class “File” will be replaced by those new improvements.
By the way the new tool vjassdocgui which can be compiled with the KDE 4 libraries is contained in the new release archive, too.


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