wc3lib is the name of one of my current projects which aims to support Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 formats MPQ, MDX, MDL, BLP and all map data formats.
It’s written in C++ and does already provide several classes for MDX/MDL and BLP properties.

Unfortunately it’s still in development phase and unusable for other programmers.
It’s splitted up in several sub libraries: blp, editor, map, mdlx and mpq.
Maybe the MPQ library will use the StormLib as MPQ library implementation until I’m a little bit more familiar with the MPQ format which isn’t that easy to understand.
The editor library is the attempt to write a custom Warcraft 3 map editor and won’t be usable until all other libraries are.
It will use the OGRE 3d graphics rendering engine to render MDX/MDL model files and PyKDE for the GUI.
One of my original intentions is to create a converter for MDX/MDL and Blender files. There’s already a project called warblender which provides a Python plugin for Blender to import and export MDX files but it seems to be unfinished, bugged and can’t be as fast as my library.
I’ve already written a little test converter application which is can be used by the console.
The problem about the MDX/MDL format is that there are already several converter scripts and programs for it but many of them (especially the 3ds Max script) do have serious issues when converting files.
Maybe I’ll be able to write a better one and to create a free open source cross platform library for the Warcraft 3 formats. Magos MdxLib and
War3 Model Editor are open source but not cross platform (using the .NET framework).
Just check out the SVN repository (svn co https://vjasssdk.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vjasssdk/wc3lib wc3lib) to get the latest code of the wc3lib project.


One Response to “wc3lib”

  1. DannyS Says:

    Hello there. This is really an exciting project! I personally can’t wait for the MDX/MDL crossplatform library. Other format support is juicy too. You are doing a great thing for the war3 modding community. Keep up with the good work! -)

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