vjassdoc and GUI

Last days I continued development of vjassdoc and added first files for creating a custom vjassdoc GUI.

Actually I wanted to start learning Python to create a simple Warcraft 3 map editor GUI for my new test project (BLP, MDX, MDL library etc.). Unfortunately Python did not find PyKDE modules so I had to stop working immediatly after I had started.
vjassdoc’s GUI is written in C++ and does also use the KDE library. Since my work on an MPQ editor which uses the StormLib I’m a little bit more familiar with the KDE project and especially its API of version 4.x.
Therefore I probably won’t use Qt only anymore for most of my GUI applications.
vjassdoc’s GUI (just called vjassdocgui :-)) is a simple main window with most or all choosable options of vjassdoc itself.
But it doesn’t use vjassdoc’s binary, it has to be linked with the vjassdoclib library and uses some methods of the class Vjassdoc.
Additionally I improved the cmake files since I did not know that much about cmake before (had to read some documentation stuff last two days).
There’s an annoying problem with cmake’s Qt moc and ui commands, so I added custom command calls for now.
Compile flags will be set automatically now if required libraries like sqlite or Qt/KDE do exist (of course you’re able to compile vjassdoc without that GUI stuff) and I removed my custom and unnecessary platform-specific variable settings.


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