Continuing DMdF Development

Since I stayed at a friend who is interested in my project and helps me with design questions and the map terrain until last sunday, I continued working on “Die Macht des Feuers” and the ASL.

I fixed many remaining issues of the inventory system and added the third person camera system of Opossum from As I was able to make some network tests (it was a little bit complicated because I wasn’t able to run the modification exe and when the patch was available on the common servers and not on Westfall it didn’t work anymore) I fixed the desynchronization bug of the player selection storage. Again many thanks to my friend (whose nickname usually is Deranor on the Internet) for his patience. Besides he gave me his laptop for two weeks, until he’ll come to me, so I am able to work much faster since my “Windows computer” isn’t a quarter as fast as his laptop. I also get some inspiration from the computer game Gothic 3 which I playe sometimes when I am getting a little bit bored.
Deranor improved and created big parts of the map terrain like the farm or some forest parts.
We also talked a lot about balancing spells, attributes and enemy creatures. For this reason I started to write requests on The Hive Workshop and
I am also searching for some help in the graphics area since my recent project member Sardor doesn’t have his 3ds Max license anymore.
Blender is my first choice if I’ll have to create some models. I read some tutorials about it and installed it on my Gentoo Linux system. Unfortunately Blenders menus can not be opened since I’ve upgraded my kernel. Fortunately I have my friends fast laptop and Blender is cross platform. By now I’ve created a little wooden box and a feeding trough. Deranor wrote a list of required doodads for me. Maybe I’ll learn fast enough to create most of them until he’s back. The real problem I had and have to consider is the export of the model to Warcrafts format mdx.
There’s a python script called warblender which is able to import and export mdx files but it doesn’t seem to work. Probably I’ll have to download the latest python version or some missing modules.
Anyway, the system and story work is progressing very well. I wrote some new dialogs of NPCs and improved some old.
Yesterday I added some useful functions to the routine system of the ASL which allows you to save much of your code.
I’m also working on the last primary mission/main quest of the map and its video. There won’t be to much main story in the current map since it’s very hard to create an epic-like RPG with video sequences, real texture terrain etc. but it should be enough for a nice hour if you’re using the AOS/PvP and talking to most of the NPCs.


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