The MPQ Editor

Since my little vjasside kate plugin did not appear in plugin list of kate I got a little bit frustrated and stopped working on it.
A while ago I began working on a litte KDE MPQ editor application by using the StormLib.

The StormLib is a library written in C++ which provides an MPQ accessing API. I’ve already used it when I was working on my old vjasside project which wasn’t created especially for KDE (just used Qt). Again there are some problems with the file search functions since they do not find any files in MPQ archives which have been created by the MPQ Master. Unfortunately I did not find any good code examples on the Internet, so I will have to experiment until I’ll get things stabilised.
Of course it would be a good idea to add this MPQ editor to my vjasside kate plugin hoping that Linux users will finally be able to work on their Warcraft 3 projects as well as possible.
p. s.: This is a good reference of the StormLib. Besides there are some interesting links. Oh, and of course you can compile the StormLib on Linux systems otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work with it.


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